Smile Makeover Testimonials

As a child I was on a form of medicine which discoloured my teeth to a grey.

I was always told that I would have to keep them this way, as there was nothing that could be done to make them white again.

In my 20's I settled down and thought nothing about it again, just kept them clean and had regular check ups.

Now in my 30's and a relationship breakdown I revisited the dentist, as for the first time in years I didn't like the way I looked. My self confidence had gone and my smile which I was now to portray to the world didn't look right.

After trying to commit suicide and very depressed Dr Kumar recommended treatment on my teeth in the form of veneers and he guaranteed me a white smile!

I agreed as I had nothing to lose, but after 2 weeks treatment a perfect smile was achieved and my self-esteem and confidence have reached heights that I never thought could! Everyone has noticed the difference and when I now look in the mirror I can't help but smile.

Dr Kumar I can't THANK YOU enough and I will never forget how you helped me get myself back the only thing now is to move forward.

If I know anyone who feels as unhappy as me this is the man who CAN fix it.