Invisalign Testimonials

After undergoing traditional metal braces at too early an age, my teeth shifted in position and ever since I had always wanted to straighten out my then overcrowded teeth. Before starting university I was considering getting traditional bracketed braces. However, the prominent appearance and discomfort that come along with them didn't seem very appealing, especially when I'd be starting fresh at university. Clear ceramic braces seemed a more tolerable option, but not after I discovered Invisalign. Dr. Kumar was very informative and friendly at my consultation and presented an ambitious yet realistic plan for the correction of my teeth after thoroughly reviewing the whole arches of my teeth. My Invisalign treatment lasted about 17 months and throughout the whole course hardly anyone has noticed the invisible trays. Even my boyfriend didn't notice them a week into wearing my first trays! I didn't expect plastic trays to be able to move teeth so drastically and all the while inconspicuously. After my Invisalign treatment I now have the straight teeth that I've always wanted thanks to Dr. Kumar and Invisalign – all the more reason to smile!

Emma P

My name is Lisa I'm a nurse/therapist, living in London since 2000. As a child I remember making numerous trips to the dentist with my mum for fillings and extractions due to teeth growing in unusual directions. As I approached my teens and noticed a lot of my friends were wearing braces I thought it unusual that my teeth were worse than a lot of theirs and I couldn't comprehend why my dentist had never mentioned me having them, so I approached my mum and dentist about it.

In Ireland free dental care is provided to those under the age of 16yrs, however due to the high volume of severe cases I was told I didn't qualify for free dental care because my teeth were not 'bad enough.' Unfortunately my parents couldn't afford such an expensive treatment therefore I went through my tender teens hiding my teeth when smiling and avoiding as many photographs as possible. Friends and colleagues never commented on my teeth but that's because I always tried my best to hide them.

As an adult I now have the ability to pay for private treatment. Metal braces were never really an option as I was paranoid enough about my teeth without having so called 'train tracks' on display.I've thought about veneers as a quick fix and gaining that extra confidence sooner rather than later, however, I didn't like the idea of destroying my own teeth when I could preserve what was already there and healthy!

When I first heard about Invisalign I thought it was too good to be true; an invisible brace that straightened your teeth and no-one could see it. I researched it and thought brilliant, I want it!

I've always been sceptical about dentists and thought money only matters so when I went to Harley Street, 'the street where money is made' I thought this guy is going to try and persuade me to get veneers. I was surprised to find that Dr Kumar was against veneers and totally supported the fact that I wanted to preserve my own teeth.

Initially the Invisalign did cause slight tooth and headache, but with any brace there's pressure surrounding your teeth, this proves they're moving and that's a good sign! Each week I insert my new brace as my teeth are starting to take shape, it gets easier each time.I actually get excited when the week is up and I can see they are moving!

Lisa M

Dear Dr Kumar,

For many years I have seen numerous consultants and specialists seeking help to straighten open bite teeth. I was advised by those consultants the only remedy would be to relign my jaw. I would have to wear braces for 2 years and there would be an obvious difference in my appearance.

Until I read about the wonders of Forma.

This life changing advert Forma clear braces guranteed to straighten teeth. I made an appointment immediately. The Consultant Raj explained the procedure and demonstrated how my teeth would look, after wearing braces for 12 months using 3D visual display. It was amazing, unbelieveable but true. I have been in this programme now for 7mths and the changes are fantastic. The gap has reduced drastically and I have much more confidence and smile all the time. The secret with Forma brace is its so clear no one notices. I would recommend that if you have a open bite gap like I had and want straight teeth you should visit Forma website before you make a decision.

I promise you won't be disappointed.


Isabelle G

Dear Forma,

Could you give me a ring when you get a chance and let me know the next steps and when I can come and see you.

The brace has been amazing, had no problems at all, and love the results. Best investment ever!!!!!!

I am also on the Invisalign programme, and only after 3 to 4 weeks my teeth are straightening, and with the added enhancement of teeth whitening, look fabulous already, and I can't wait until I get to the end of my programme so that Raj can give me the 'straight Hollywood smile' that I have always craved!

All in all, the whole process since the time I met Raj, just a few months ago has been completely liberating for me. As a Chartered Accountant with my own business I have close contact with my clients, and for me it is an investment in my overall image that counts, and gives me the confidence to do my job.

Raj is a true professional and facial artist. Raj keeps my looks in 'tune' with the 'image' that I want to project.

Chloe T

To the team at Forma,

For years I have admired and been slightly envious of people with straight teeth. When the invitations to weddings began to arise, I decided I wanted something to be done. My sister's wedding is planned for the end of the year and being the first time I was going to be a bridesmaid, I wanted to have a perfect smile. Further to the fact, that I would be a future bride myself one day.

The aim was to have straight teeth in 9 months time, just in time for my sister's wedding at the end of the year. By March I had made a decision to go ahead with the treatment and booked myself in for an initial appointment with Dr. Kumar at his Harley Street practice. The consultation covered my reasoning behind wanting to change my teeth and the options and methods I had available to me including Invisalign. After careful consideration, Invisalign seemed the most appropriate option for myself.

The next few visits involved getting x-rays and moulds made of my teeth to send to America to be analysed. Few weeks later, my treatment plan arrived. My plan involved 9 months of aligners, which were to be changed every 2 weeks. One of the aspects that sold me on this treatment was being able to take the aligner out if needs be, but I discovered this was almost never as the aligners were virtually invisible.

The last 4-5 months have flown and I don't even notice I'm wearing the aligners any more.The process has been convenient and relatively painless. Invisalign has exceeded my expectations. It has been exciting to see my smile change before my eyes and I am well on the way to having a perfect smile.

Jayne M

I am 45 years old and work as a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director.

My teeth have been crooked since I was a teenager and in those days braces were not commonplace.

As I grew older, I became more self-conscious about my teeth, especially when I smiled. I considered having fixed braces but felt that, at my age, they would look awful and I knew I would be very conscious of them.

My job involves a lot of client social events and conferences for which you need to be self-confident and I knew that if I had fixed braces that I would find them a bit embarrassing because of my age.

I saw an advert for Invisalign in the back of Vogue magazine and rang to make an appointment. The dentist talked me through the procedure and showed me a set of aligners. He had been talking to me for about half an hour and then told me that he was wearing a set of aligners – I couldn't believe it and would never have known if he hadn't told me.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment and I am extremely pleased with the aligners. I have been wearing them for the past six months and not one person has noticed them. In fact, I have told lots of people that I am wearing them and they look at me in disbelief.

I recently organised a retirement party for my boss at the Ritz Hotel and had to meet and greet a lot of the top people that work in our industry. My aligners never crossed my mind as I knew that nobody would notice that I was wearing them.

I would thoroughly recommend Invisalign, especially for people of my age group who may be conscious of fixed braces that are so apparently visible.

Joshua P

Dear Dr Raj Kumar

I would like to thank you for recommending Invisalign as a method for straightening my teeth. It's something that I have wanted to do for many years but was put off by the thought that the only option was to wear unsightly metal braces. You said they would be invisible and they were, as nobody noticed me wearing them throughout the course of treatment.

Not only was the treatment a success it was also painless and professionally managed.

I will be recommending this method of teeth correction in the future to friends and family.

thanks once again

Neil M

After visiting 4 clinics previous to Forma, I had no doubt that Dr Kumar was the best, although a little more expensive (but i suppose you get what you pay for).

Dr Kumar took his time and was the most informative at my initial free consultation.

I am now in month 10 of my treatment with Dr Kumar and I've go to say I am so happy with my Invisalign programme designed by Dr Kumar. The results so far are fantastic.

The staff are very helpful and are always willing to answer any queries.

It's never difficult to get appointments, I've always been fitted in and seen on time. Unlike other clinics I have read about.

Just another 4 and 1/2 months to go before I get that perfect smile. :)

N Maulholland

If you are thinking of getting Invisalign don't sign anything until you have had a consultation with Dr Kumar. I nearly did until a colleague at work mentioned Forma.

After meeting Dr Kumar I felt at ease he seemed to answer every question of mine with great confidence.

I didn't feel like I was been bullied into signing on the dotted line, in fact I was given login details and a password so I could review the proposed treatment plan before I made my final decision (woohoo).

Obviously I chose this clinic and after 18months of treatment I am now waiting for my retainers hooray!

Dr Kumar and his staff have been exceptional.

I get to go on his website and log in to show my family and friends my before and after shots.

Would definitely recommend this Clinic for top results ....

Katy P

Just finished my treatment with dr Raj Kumar.

Really happy with new smile!

Staff have been lovely throughout, the clinic it self looks really good.

My sister is now a new patient.

Katy P

I was working in Hong Kong whilst starting my Invisalign treatment. I was worried it would affect the way the treatment would work for me. But this wasn't the case, Dr Kumar planned my treatment so before I left any spaces were done before hand. 9 months into my treatment and already the results are noticeable. I'm back now in the uk and have visited Dr Kumar who seems to be happy with the way things are going.

I've still got along way to go but I'm happy my treatment is getting done at Forma with Dr Kumar.

Dr Kumar has been great even though I've been badgering him via email.

Very helpful and informative clinic, with no hidden costs.

Kind Regards

Lauren J

Hi my name is Lauren and I have been reading the comments about Forma and Dr Kumar.

I also live in Hong Kong and I came over to visit my sister in London.

Whilst I was there I went to see Dr Kumar.

Now my story is a bit sad, as I have had 2 sets of metal braces and still my teeth stick out. I asked the last orthodontist and he said that I needed jaw surgery; I was flabbergasted.

I told Dr Kumar my story and he reassured me that as my teeth stick out, that Invisalign will work.

I was so happy to hear this, but I wanted to see some evidence.

So Dr Kumar showed me on his Imac computer (showoff) at least 4 cases similar to mine as before and after cases.

I signed on the dotted line and had impressions.

Now coming back in 4 weeks to collect the braces was going to be difficult so Dr Kumar planned my treatment in a way that he could post the aligners to me to HK.

I did not even need spaces or buttons until the 4th month.

I did promise him that I would write about my experience, and so far it has been overwhelming. My family and friends have noticed the difference even after 6 months and I'm over the moon.

Even his manager, Nina will email me 7 days a week and picks up the phone whenever I call long distance.

I've been to a lot of dentists and only wish Dr Kumar practiced in Hong Kong.

Thanks Dr Kumar and staff

Chloe G

Sorry this has taken me so long. I had no internet for ages and work has been really busy. I wanted to do you guys justice, so its taken me a while to get this just right...

Growing up, I never needed braces. My teeth although not 100% straight, were not obviously crooked. When my wisdom teeth emerged, they caused over crowding and made my front teeth twist. I became so self conscious. I hated my smile. I was convinced that braces were not for me. I didn't want train track smile when I was in my mid 20's. My self confidence began to dip and I began to look around for alternatives to braces.

I had started to consider getting veneers. Although I knew they were hugely expensive, and my sister (who was a dentist) advised against them, I was convinced they were the only way to fix my teeth. It was a huge step to make, to decide to cut your teeth to stumps, but I was so sure this was my only option.

My sister bought tickets to the Vitality show a few years ago. Although she had told me about some clear braces, again I was convinced that they were a fad and that they wouldn't work. However, she found Dr Raj Kumar and called me over. Dr Kumar was doing a presentation to a family about Invisilign and I became mesmorised with the before and after pictures. I took his details and have never looked back.

The process was easy, and Dr Kumar was always careful with my teeth. Its been 2 years, and I now have a smile that I am proud of. I never hide behind my hand when I smile. Its amazing what a small change it has made.

Having Dr Kumar and his team look after me the last few years has been amazing. I enjoyed my visits to his clinic and am sad that they are now over. As a team, they are all dedicated to their patients and I would highly recommend Forma to my friends (and have done).

Invisalign has been worth it. I am VERY grateful that my sister booked those tickets and found him doing his presentation!!!

Arby G

Before i had invisalign , i went to see Dr. Kumar for normal check-up . He had seen that i had bent teeth and needed braces . I had always wanted to straighten out my teeth but hated the fact of having metal ones because i didn't really like them and friends would laugh which were a bother , so i never asked .

So when Dr. Kumar recommended invisalign to me , i was so happy that i wanted them straight away . He explained to me that it was easier if i had invisalign because I live in France , and metal braces lead to breaking and visiting the dentist more regurlarly . I have had Dr. Kumar as my dentist ever since the first time I walked into one , so i could trust him and let him do what he thought was best for me . He then kept me over time and missed some of his lunch break to take xrays and make modles of my teeth on the same day which were then sent to America .

During my days with invisalign , hardly anyone noticed that i had them unless they were like 10cm away from me or if i told them . But whenever i did , they would stare at my teeth with amazement . The thing i liked most was seeing the process of my teeth straightening every week . But now , my days with invisalign are practically over and I can now smile without worries :D So , thanks again Dr. Kumar !