Dental & Tooth Implants London

If you have lost a tooth due to decay, an accident or just old age, its loss can put a strain on remaining healthy teeth. Whereas in the past dentures or bridges were the only solution, nowadays Dental Implants are frequently used as a long-lasting and more effective alternative.

There are two parts to every tooth: the crown and the root. The crown is the visible part and the root is the unseen part that anchors the tooth in your jawbone, providing stable support for your crown. When teeth are lost shrinkage of the jawbone can occur making the face look older, however Dental Implants can stop this process. Although there are many ways to replace missing teeth, only dental implants replace both the crown and the root.

Dental implants look, feel and function like your own natural teeth.

The Procedure

At Forma we use the Simplant System to replace missing teeth with Dental Implants.

This system allows the dentist to convert a CT scan into a 3-Dimensional model, which is an exact replica of your jaw. This computer model and other radiographs taken by Dr Kumar are then used to plan your treatment accurately, so that the implants can be placed in the bone without damaging the nerves or sinuses. After your treatment has been planned, under local anesthetic a very small hole is made in the gum and a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone in the location of the missing root. There is no need for a full surgical procedure as in conventional implant techniques. The implant provides a strong fixture on which the new porcelain crown is fixed, thereby creating a natural and healthy smile.

The Simplant system guarantees minimum trauma and maximum safety.

How long will it take?

During your consultation at our EC2 based practice, Dr Kumar will take a series of radiographs and plan for a CT scan.

In your second appointment the procedure will be discussed fully using computer models and a form of treatment will be established.

Once the implant is placed into the bone, the length of time before a permanent crown can be fitted varies according to the quality of bone.
However, a temporary crown can be fitted in this appointment.

A permanent crown is usually fitted by four months after the implant.