What is a free Invisalign consultation?

What are free Invisalign consultations?
Many patients want to know more about how to straighten their teeth and whether they are suitable for Invisalign.
Usually 30-60 minutes are set aside at Forma for this.
Here are a few examples of what dentists are doing wrong with consultations:
Some dentists spend about 1 minute looking at the teeth but then spend 10-15 minutes talking about Invisalign
Some dentists have no cases to show, but do not tell the patient of their inexperience and yet show off cases from the Invisalign website.
Not listening to what the patient is concerned about
Trying to quicken the treatment by talking about aggressive enamel stripping and calling it mild spacing?
Sometimes telling a patient that they are not suitable for Invisalign, when in fact they are
Asking for an immediate decision then and there
5 minute free consultations
Bringing in a colleague as good cop bad cop and saying Invisalign is not suitable
Trying to sell simple systems like Inman, simply 5 etc. for complex cases etc.

At Forma we spend about 40 minutes on average. We carry out a full head and neck survey before even looking in the mouth.
Once we enter the mouth we look at the whole arch and not just the front teeth.
Most dental crowding is due to the back teeth and so they are included in the planning.

WE show Invisalign cases that we have completed and also before and after cases as well.

The patients images are then uploaded onto our website so that the patient can view them at home.

We do not ask for an immediate decision, but let the patient think about it.

We contact the patient a few days later for feedback.

This way we have few misunderstandings and even less unsatisfied patients.


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