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Do you treat yourself to a television or a better smile?

Dental crowding is a major factor in low self esteem, low confidence, bullying, hiding behind your peers, lack of social contacts and even a better spouse!
So if teeth are such trouble then why don’t we do something about it?
Let’s imagine the 46″ Sony Plasma is looking a little jaded and the picture looks so fuzzy that you thought that England had just scored 5 goals?
Well you thought wrong, that was Germany.
So now it’s time for High Definition TV.
So you drag your wife ( as it’s usually men who buy big TVs ) to the local Comet and convince her that you need a HD LED 50″ Sony.
So that evening the TV is placed on a wall bracket and they both watch Top Gun in HD.
As a thank you he has an early night and they have some fun.
Problem was that he has bad breath and his teeth are very crowded, she can taste his meal on his teeth.
So the moral of this little story is you cant take your high tech HD TV with you to bed.
If you have a dental problem and your spouse is kind enough to point it out, then at least look into sorting it out before your adorn your house with the latest gadgets.
Here is an example of how Forma Dental can make a difference.

How to close a gap and build up a broken tooth with Invisalign

Over time teeth can move and the bite can become uncomfortable or traumatic. Sometimes the bite can cause teeth to wear down or chip resulting in uneven sizes teeth.
The following case presented with a young male aged 30 who had a traumatic bite that was slowly wearing away his front tooth. On top of which he had a moderate sized front gap.
The arch was narrow so we had to expand the arch, which naturally opens up the space at the front as well as close this space.
With Invisalign we decided to bring the front upper teeth together and upwards so as reducing the overbite and trauma to the teeth.
The treatment took 1 year as we had to treat the whole upper and lower arches.
The edges of the teeth are now level but the gum line of the lhs tooth is higher as this tooth was longer. He had a low smile line so this was not a problem.
We opted to have level incisal edges instead of trying to build up the broken edge, which would have meant constant repair/surveiilance/care of the tooth edge.
Patient was very happy to have not had the front tooth repaired and was very happy with the outcome.
Conclusion: Invisalign can help restore tooth length by moving the teeth.


Panoral Xrays during an Invisalign initial assessment

I see a lot of new patients for initial consultations about Invisalign.
I assess the condition and see how crowded the teeth are. In my experience I can see if orthodontic movement is possible with Invisalign.
Most patients are going to more than 2 consultations and they are just gathering information.
So I do not see the need for an Xray until the pateint agrees to having treatment with us.
So why do some dentists take large panoral xrays which produce a lot of radiation on just an inital visit?
Well a patient came to see me with severe crowding and he had been to 2 other consultations. During one of the consults one of the dentists had taken a panoral xray.
The new patient decided to let me treat him.
I was not going to do another xray and the patient asked the dentist for a copy of the xray.
The dentist decided to charge the patient £50, even though the consult was free.
So why is this wrong?
1 The patient was irradiated despite not agreeing to treatment
2 The new dentist may have preferred his own xray machine
3 Was the initial panoral of good diagnostic quality?
4 Did the dentist report on any pathology?
So when you want to get an opinion about your smile then do ask if the xrays are necessary at such an early stage