Invisalign success after near failure

This is a good case of when a failure turns into a success.
Mr W. attended in 2010 and had Invisalign impressions. After paying half the fee he decides not to continue because we did not return hos phone call once.
So I had half a bill to settle and a box of aligners to fit.
The box collected dust for about 1 year when Mr W. decides to start his treatment.
Magically the aligners fitted perfectly. We did about 10 months of treatment and the patient was delighted.
When we had removed the small buttons and polished his teeth, he held upp a mirror and said ” how do I smile? It’s just that I”ve always held up my hand when I smiled and I don’t know how to”
I was amazed at this great comment and I remarked for him to raise the corners of his mouth and to practice without using his forehead. Otherise he will get lines and need Botox.
Disaster turned into success.
He wrote a lovely testimonial and here are the pictures.
So Invisalign is accurate enough to work even 1 year past its fit by date.


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