How to close a gap and build up a broken tooth with Invisalign

Over time teeth can move and the bite can become uncomfortable or traumatic. Sometimes the bite can cause teeth to wear down or chip resulting in uneven sizes teeth.
The following case presented with a young male aged 30 who had a traumatic bite that was slowly wearing away his front tooth. On top of which he had a moderate sized front gap.
The arch was narrow so we had to expand the arch, which naturally opens up the space at the front as well as close this space.
With Invisalign we decided to bring the front upper teeth together and upwards so as reducing the overbite and trauma to the teeth.
The treatment took 1 year as we had to treat the whole upper and lower arches.
The edges of the teeth are now level but the gum line of the lhs tooth is higher as this tooth was longer. He had a low smile line so this was not a problem.
We opted to have level incisal edges instead of trying to build up the broken edge, which would have meant constant repair/surveiilance/care of the tooth edge.
Patient was very happy to have not had the front tooth repaired and was very happy with the outcome.
Conclusion: Invisalign can help restore tooth length by moving the teeth.


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