Getting straight teeth with Forma/Invisalign before my wedding

As a cosmetic dentist I always felt uncomfortable about filing down teeth for porcelain veneers, and more so with younger patients.

I treat a lot of brides getting married within the next 6-12 months. These ladies know that the wedding pictures, in this digital age are scrutinised even more now, and the brides want to look their best.

So for the last 8 years I have being using Invisalign to straighten teeth, close gaps and make people smile.

In fact 95% are female and hardly any grooms!

Here is an example of a lady late 20’s who was engaged for over 3 years, but never had the time to plan the wedding. She knew that her lower incisors were rotated and it bothered her. So she asked me if she could have  them straightened? I said yes with Invisalign and she agreed to have treatment.

Within 2 months she had decided to tie the knot (and not with floss) and then told me she had 8 months to improve her smile.

So we pressed on and over 10 months she got a smile that she could be proud of for her wedding. We removed some of the attachments and gave her tooth whitening gel so she could whiten her teeth before the wedding.

We took impressions for a minor refinement and the new aligners will be fitted after her honeymoon.


Invisalign is a non invasive, painless way to get the smile that you always wanted without damaging your teeth.


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