Correcting overjets

“Orthodontics is a speciality that is taught very little at the undergraduate level. Students get a few lectures and learn how to make a removable acrylic appliance, and perhaps they may even get to treat a few simple cases. The majority of teaching is done at post graduate level.

I studied at Guys Hospital, we were taught comprehensively the structure of the tooth, crown and veneer preparation and dental materials. I qualified in 1989 at the time of no prior approval. One of my first patients had severely proclined but healthy teeth. I prescribed orthodontics or crowns but the patient opted for a quick fix. I still remember how I decoronated 6 upper anterior teeth, root filled them and post prepped them all in one sitting (this was certainly not minimally invasive dentistry). Tapered metal cast posts and porcelain bonded crowns were prescribed and fitted. Twenty-three years later the teeth are stable and nothing has failed…”

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the July 2013 issue of The Dentist Magazine.

Click here to view a PDF with the full article.

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